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Client say Whaaat?

"Monica provides a very comfortable session for those who are not camera friendly. Her pictures are amazing and back to you in such a short time frame. She was great at selecting the perfect outdoor areas for my son’s pictures. I highly recommend her and can’t wait for her to take pictures of my daughter." - Michelle Wethington

"Monica gave great suggestions on where to take the pictures and used the time wisely so we got a ton of great pictures. I would definitely recommend her. She was fun to work with, made my son feel comfortable and the results were excellent." - Tamara Kniegge

"Absolutely we would recommend Monica to anyone who wants to have the family or individual photo that is what you want to hang over the fireplace! She is a joy to be around, is able to capture the moment and true personality of her subjects in a professional manner." Bee Hanson

"It was nice to talk and email someone who knows what they are doing and willing to work with someone who lives out of town such as my daughter and I. She was very professional, compassionate and just plain awesome to see her work with my daughter. She is very open to new ideas but her work speaks for itself - beautiful pictures. I am so blessed with an awesome photographer! Everything was perfect. I recommend Monica, she is very easy to work with, her ideas for places as well as positions for pictures is very creative and beautiful. She takes the time to get the best possible pictures and she has the best attitude! " - Jeneva Andrews

"What I liked about working with Monica was the communication, ease of viewing photos, the retouching. Availability to meet and knowledge of where to go for the fall foliage, etc. She is friendly, reasonable cost, good communicator, website is easy to use and easy to share photos with friends." - Lori Elliot

"I liked working with Monica because she was flexible with schedule (which can be difficult with a busy senior) and quick turn around time with results. Her help with posing and background was great. The results were fantastic. My son (and I) was happy with the outcome." - Lynne Jablonski

"Mrs. Whitt is an amazing photographer and I loved going to a beautiful place and having pictures done. I recommend her! She’s very nice, and a fantastic photographer. - Julie O’Pry

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